Safar – A Journey to the Self: COMING SOON (part 2)…

Door to true Transformation;

Transformation… A well heard of word in so many contexts but do we really know the true meaning of this word in our daily life situations. The effect of this word in our life when we go through life transforming experiences is immense and has to be felt internally to be believed.  In the beginning transformation is undetectable, so often subtle and unbelievable but as life goes on we see it working in all forms  within and around us. In the next few posts I am going to share my journey of transformation and make known how beautiful the world becomes when patterns of our daily life break apart and the way through a garden full of roses is made for miracles to walk in.

Changes;… Is the last year or the year before that the same for you. Do you physically look the same as you did five years back, Is your outlook and your perception for a particular thing exactly the same as it was last year, Is the love story of your life in the same level of depth and obsession as a few years back. do you still have the exact same bank balance in your account as a few years back…… No I don’t think so, for change is law and the most natural thing is the next moment that brings this change in our life.  The changes that happen in our life mostly just happen, we often don’t actively look or work for them. It is just the way of life to constantly throw roadblocks and hurdles in our way and for us to keep cribbing and craving while crossing them. This has been the story of my life also complaining and crying but also continuously walking to cross the road bumps. Always with a heavy heart thinking, this is life, this is what is meant for me, passively letting life pass by without true faith and love in my heart.  Today the change walked in the door only after I started asking these questions of the universe, why me? what have I done? what is my fault? why am I the one to have these problems and difficulties in life? why am I not loved unconditionally? please come and save me from these hurdles and blocks of life.

I have learnt a very important fact of life and that is unless and until you don’t ask your question with clarity you will not get the right answer and the treatment. Those who have the courage to knock on the unknown and unseen closed door will have the door of transformation and positive changes opened for them, those who seek the answer to Who Am I will be shown the mirror, and those who look within will find Divine nowhere else but inside their hearts. All this became possible only because my heartfelt cry reached the door of my Guru, who had been waiting for me to ask these questions. The moment I did He appeared and gave all the answers even the ones I unknowingly must have been seeking from lifetimes. The truth is I was seeking God because He was also seeking me and waiting for me to turn my vision inwards to recognise Him.

The Form comes in our life to take us to the Formless…… When you come under the influence of a Living Master the changes that had at one time been worrying and scary are now welcomed. Today life has taken a completely different meaning. the profound changes and breaking of life patterns has shown me how much of life we take at face value, never going deep within to find out the hidden truths and meaning. My first step was to know and understand the inner self and my core emotions. I had to accept that I was beautiful and yet imperfect in some ways. The feeling of helplessness had to dissipate. To deal with this inner powerlessness, I was continuously struggling with myself. Trying different ways to control my life, feeling unsettled and making efforts to fill the hole that had been made due to the pain and suffering of life.

Henceforth in this blog of ‘Safar’ whatever I write will be through my personal experience, sharing with the world how all the locked doors and windows opened to allow the joy of sunshine, romance of the moonlight, and freshness of rain in, embracing me in its folds and wetting me with happiness and bliss of unconditional love. Glimpses of the book and my journey for all, so as to be embraced in the unconditional love of my Guru.