Safar- A Journey to the Self- Coming Soon (part 4)

Friends, let’s talk about Spirituality….. Spirituality is being simpler than Simple. Being Spiritual is being natural, Being Spiritual is being at ease with oneself, Being Spiritual is being Courageous…..#Dadashreeji….

What is being spiritual, why is it that we have fixed norms and stigmas attached to spirituality. When we hear people are spiritual we think they must have had extra troubles or they must be directionless in life, with nothing to do. What is it about the thought of spirituality that truly troubles and allows people to pass judgments on others. Is it the thought of others being at peace and happy from heart, for it is difficult for the world to comprehend that such a state is even possible. Most of us have got so used to living with cravings and excessive wants that we can’t comprehend life without these. Whereas Spirituality is the most beautiful state to be in, to be at peace and happy from our heart, to just be in this state of happiness without any judgments. To understand  and accept people as they are.To not want to change them for they are who they are, what and who needs to transform and change is us. Spirituality is all about freedom and being true to yourself and to another, being true in our relationships.

All these clarities came after I met my Guru, Dadashreeji and I came out of my rigid belief system. I realized I had made life difficult for myself, life is the way it is, it’s nature will be the same, the same route, the same bumps, the same roadblocks, the same rock and roll music. What was it that changed for me. My way of looking at situations and my way of perceiving and reacting to them changed, due to the shift in my energy and my inner transformation. I will first share who is He, “Dadashreeji is the most Simple being you will have the fortune to meet. He is a Divine Friend who has truly come on this Earth to help us all in this journey of life. He is here to guide us on the right path with right actions. He is here to hold our hands and encompass us in His warmth during deep moments of pain and difficult walks of life. He is love and Bliss and when you are in His presence you experience complete true Love and become love yourself. He is the transformation specialist and shows us the mirror so as to help us walk the path of change. He is the Enlightened One here to show us the way out of the muddle and miseries of our life towards a life of peace and love”

Well, I am sure all are feeling how can He do that, How can someone do something so profound. Well believe it or not but Dadashreeji can and has done it already for innumerable of us. His compassionate glance when he looks at you full of His Unconditional Love, His Sweet Smile that only speaks to you as a parent does ready to embrace and shield you. When you are in His presence the shift you feel inside you is something that can not be described, it can only be felt for true is the fact that till you don’t experience the sweetness in your tea how can you know if it is  sweet or not. The same way I can only express my feelings and thoughts for the world but the tendency of the human mind is till you don’t experience it for yourself you will not believe it. So you will have to experience it for yourself to understand what is Divinity. What an amazing state of being it is when you connect to the Divine Energy, how life gets streamlined and transformed, finds the purpose and direction. The feeling of bliss and joy that I had only ever read about in books is now felt every moment with Him as my Inner Divine, my Divine Best Friend, my Dadashreeji.

I don’t need to be in the Physical Presence of my Guru, He is everywhere, in every action of mine, in every word I speak, in every thought of mine, in every smile of mine, in the ride of this journey of my life, He drives and I relax. The freedom of my soul to be who it wants to be, how it wants to be, to fly like an eagle for whom the sky has no limit. For me life is beautiful and I wake up with a smile ready to go for my morning walk and become one with nature. I sleep at night with a heartfelt thank you for the day was beautiful and I learnt so much in that day, did good deeds, hugged and shared my love with all those around me.Even in the pains and stresses of life I have my Divine Friend holding my hand and walking in front of me clearing all the obstacles on my way so as make the journey of my life smoother and pleasurable.  Recently someone said to me, you have had problems that is why you have gone into spirituality because you needed something to make you happier. Tell me something is it them or me who has been having antidepressant forever, is it them or me who wakes up in the morning with these words ‘life is stressful’, what to do about it, the day goes by  fighting with daily demons, surrounded by our self created miseries.

Friends there is time yet, life is short and we may not live to see tomorrow, why not take the steps needed to walk towards a life that allows us the freedom to be our true self. When we talk about freedom what is we talk about, are we talking about freedom from our worldly responsibilities, or are we talking about freedom from our family life. In spirituality freedom means to be yourself, to be true to the inner you, to have freedom of expression and thought and let the real you emerge. Today I share beautiful relationships with my family and friends for as I became true and pure so did my relationships. I pray for the world to experience this Divine Energy and become One with it. To Experience Dadashreeji and True Unconditional Love as a state to live in. For remember in the presence of Divine the shift that begins is what takes us forward and gets our life on track and we start experiencing life to the fullest. I will keep sharing my journey in snippets and pieces for all to see the reflection of their journey and maybe find the path to reclaim their destiny.




Safar – A Journey to the Self: COMING SOON (part 3)…

Dear Friends

Here comes the next learning….. In this transformational journey one of the first few changes as I shared earlier was me getting to know myself. In this knowing I came to the point where I now saw myself as a butterfly. A butterfly is born as a caterpillar who only needs to eat to survive. I also started this journey of self-existence, eat, sleep, and experience the basic mundane pleasures of life without really knowing the actual path. I will keep sharing my ongoing journey taking it through different routes to reach the point where I become a beautiful butterfly ready to share its vibrant colours and inner happiness with the world.

If we truly look deep within we will realize that most of us only live life in the basic mundane. life is all about what to eat in the next meal, what to wear for work or parties, which car to buy or which mobile phone to carry. Life seems to be centered around these superfluous desires and wants. All this happens because we only live for the world and the society around us. We don’t want to know our deepest desires and wants. We don’t want to face our self in the mirror and ask the mirror what is it that you are doing in your life. Do you truly know where it is that life is taking you. Do you know the route you are on or are you too used to being a victim in your life that you allow others to use you and then say it was not in my hands, life did not give me a chance. Look deep within and do ask yourself this question, are you a self made victim or are you truly a fighter of life. Did you fight for the true hidden you and did you actually allow the world to know the true you. I know I did not and it was only in the presence of my Master that all the hidden and fearful corners started revealing themselves ready to be swept out from under the bed and almirahs. Today I am sharing the true Me with all of you in the hope that in my reflection a few of you may see yours and find the way out of the self created muddle of your life.

Just like when we sweep our houses, while sweeping we let the dust go into the deep hidden corners, in fact we at times sweep them our self in the unseen corners of our home under the bed or behind the almirah or curtains, thinking what is not seen with the naked eye is not visible to everyone around. Not realising that these particles we send under the bed or behind almirahs are actually the ones that over the years become the reason for bad smelling odour, at times it may be the reason there is dust in the room or it just may be the reason for negativity and diseases in the house that keeps piling up till it doesn’t peep out from the bed making you aware that you have accumulated lots of unwanted dirt over the years. Compare it to your life and see all those hidden corners of your life that you have let go deep inside your soul , never allowing them to see the daylight again. Your “SELF” being the most important you have hidden in those dust particles. Your hidden fears that you don’t acknowledge instead let them become humongous so much so that they actually rule your life. Your insecurities that become the reason for you losing your Self Confidence and in this losing you somehow become less valuable than the other, it may be your spouse, your sibling, your friend or your colleague. This is the all due to the lost connection with Our Inner Divine, Our True Self that we stumble in life trying to find our self in the reflection we see of ourselves in the  eyes of the other.

It is not in the other that we will find the hidden true us. It is deep within our self that we will find the lost one. why do we think we are what the other thinks of us, believe me we are not. Why not do this exercise for the next few days and go within, sit in silence and see yourself from your eyes. Not the eyes of a mother/father, brother/sister, child/friend, neighbour/colleague….From your own eyes and see if a new you wants to emerge and fly to freedom, not freedom from your relationships but freedom from your limited beliefs,  from your own created boundaries. Trust me your relationships will flourish when you get to know the true you and live life from that perspective. Hope you all are able to look within and do get back to tell me if any of this helps you in anyway. I will be waiting eagerly to connect to all my readers and know if they have been able to see the true reflection that is wanting to peep out from behind the curtains.




Safar – A Journey to the Self: COMING SOON

Spirituality is being simpler than simple. It is the extraordinary meaning hidden behind the simplest of words. That which is unseen yet sees the world through telescopic eyes and gets the guidance from the Inner Divine.

In the midst of the confusion of this journey of life I was looking for a way out of my self created miseries. In this seeking for inner peace and happiness from outside sources, I found the path that took me to the house that had all the treasures hidden inside, behind its locked doors. I’m starting this blog in the hope of reaching out to the millions in search of the door to unlimited bliss, not realizing that the door lies within. The One within who is also waiting to connect to us, for our vision to turn inwards.

What a series of miracles my life became when I took this unexpected U-Turn towards the hidden truth and found the One within. This book (Safar) is the beautiful song of my life, now ready to be sung and shared with all. The music of my soul revealed will help and guide the world to experience the joy of being limitless while living in this materialistic world.