Safar – A Journey to the Self: COMING SOON (part 3)…

Dear Friends

Here comes the next learning….. In this transformational journey one of the first few changes as I shared earlier was me getting to know myself. In this knowing I came to the point where I now saw myself as a butterfly. A butterfly is born as a caterpillar who only needs to eat to survive. I also started this journey of self-existence, eat, sleep, and experience the basic mundane pleasures of life without really knowing the actual path. I will keep sharing my ongoing journey taking it through different routes to reach the point where I become a beautiful butterfly ready to share its vibrant colours and inner happiness with the world.

If we truly look deep within we will realize that most of us only live life in the basic mundane. life is all about what to eat in the next meal, what to wear for work or parties, which car to buy or which mobile phone to carry. Life seems to be centered around these superfluous desires and wants. All this happens because we only live for the world and the society around us. We don’t want to know our deepest desires and wants. We don’t want to face our self in the mirror and ask the mirror what is it that you are doing in your life. Do you truly know where it is that life is taking you. Do you know the route you are on or are you too used to being a victim in your life that you allow others to use you and then say it was not in my hands, life did not give me a chance. Look deep within and do ask yourself this question, are you a self made victim or are you truly a fighter of life. Did you fight for the true hidden you and did you actually allow the world to know the true you. I know I did not and it was only in the presence of my Master that all the hidden and fearful corners started revealing themselves ready to be swept out from under the bed and almirahs. Today I am sharing the true Me with all of you in the hope that in my reflection a few of you may see yours and find the way out of the self created muddle of your life.

Just like when we sweep our houses, while sweeping we let the dust go into the deep hidden corners, in fact we at times sweep them our self in the unseen corners of our home under the bed or behind the almirah or curtains, thinking what is not seen with the naked eye is not visible to everyone around. Not realising that these particles we send under the bed or behind almirahs are actually the ones that over the years become the reason for bad smelling odour, at times it may be the reason there is dust in the room or it just may be the reason for negativity and diseases in the house that keeps piling up till it doesn’t peep out from the bed making you aware that you have accumulated lots of unwanted dirt over the years. Compare it to your life and see all those hidden corners of your life that you have let go deep inside your soul , never allowing them to see the daylight again. Your “SELF” being the most important you have hidden in those dust particles. Your hidden fears that you don’t acknowledge instead let them become humongous so much so that they actually rule your life. Your insecurities that become the reason for you losing your Self Confidence and in this losing you somehow become less valuable than the other, it may be your spouse, your sibling, your friend or your colleague. This is the all due to the lost connection with Our Inner Divine, Our True Self that we stumble in life trying to find our self in the reflection we see of ourselves in the  eyes of the other.

It is not in the other that we will find the hidden true us. It is deep within our self that we will find the lost one. why do we think we are what the other thinks of us, believe me we are not. Why not do this exercise for the next few days and go within, sit in silence and see yourself from your eyes. Not the eyes of a mother/father, brother/sister, child/friend, neighbour/colleague….From your own eyes and see if a new you wants to emerge and fly to freedom, not freedom from your relationships but freedom from your limited beliefs,  from your own created boundaries. Trust me your relationships will flourish when you get to know the true you and live life from that perspective. Hope you all are able to look within and do get back to tell me if any of this helps you in anyway. I will be waiting eagerly to connect to all my readers and know if they have been able to see the true reflection that is wanting to peep out from behind the curtains.