Sonee Singh is a designer who has been working in her own studio for more than 15 years with passion and commitment. It is only recently since the last year and a half that she discovered her inner calling with her Divine Friend Dadashreeji. This book is partly her autobiography and partly her journey with her Guru. It narrates her personal journey, challenges and the period of transition through her experiences. In this she aims to express the power of having a Living Master in one’s life and hopes to make the readers witness the profound love she has been experiencing ever since her first encounter with her Inner Divine. She tells the world through this book, all anyone needs is courage and faith within and the world is theirs, making it clear to all that no mountain is too high or too far for her, to climb and reclaim her destiny.

Dadashreeji- He is an Incarnate of Love who makes the world experience Divine Love. He says Love, Peace and Selfless Service are my path to experience that absolute truth in you. Only through this path we experience the truth and His presence transforms us. One simply has to be in His presence to witness the change in the Self. He is a Divine Friend whose simplicity and wisdom guides us to the ultimate path of Divine Union. With His profound teachings, He unfolds the path for us that further takes us to our Liberation and Evolution. His teachings with His Guidance helps us walk the path of truth, transformation and Self-realization. ” Use all the resources to uplift or improve yourself. When all your efforts end, allow me to work on you. You will witness that transformation, you needed for long.” Divine Friend Dadashreeji.