Safar- A Journey to the Self- Coming soon Part 6

Dear friends,

Today we are going to talk about faith and how life takes us from fear to faith. Faith will take you to places that fear cannot. To reach this state of faith in life we have to cross our fears and overcome them, win them, look them in the face and heal them with faith. What is faith and how can faith overcome fear? Faith is knowing your own Higher Sacred Self, believing in it, trusting it, a knowing of the Soul that you are complete and don’t need to be afraid of anything in life.

No situation is such that you can be defeated by it, for defeat is in the attitude and I now have an attitude of a winner. I don’t look to win over anybody, I only look to win over my insecurities, the helplessness of my life. I no longer believe only if I excel in a particular field will I be perfect, no I accept my imperfections and love myself unconditionally without shame and judgement. No ego of being more or no fear of being less and rejected. These changes came in life with my Guru my Dadashreeji, He is the one who showed me that I had it in me, I did not need to look for outside sources to make me complete. His energy is such that all I need is to talk to Him as my Inner Divine and I get the answers I am looking for. It is with my Faith in Him that I walked the path of fear to faith.

Where does fear come from? Does it originate at birth, or is it something we learn as we grow up. We know what is fear, what being afraid is like but have we ever thought of the root cause.  We think fear is something to fight with, to conquer and win over. At times fear raises its head due to our vivid imagination, a direct result of us overthinking. Is the fear related in some ways to our insecurities, our inner sense of helplessness? Aren’t we all afraid of something or the other? Isn’t our life about feeling scared of someone or of facing a situation? We may acknowledge it or not but we are fearful beings often feeling cornered and tied. Fear keeps us tied to imaginary rods. We don’t see them but nonetheless we are tied to them. These imaginary rods are like the rope the elephant was tied with.

I will share a story about an elephant. The baby elephant from a young age is tied by a rope that he can’t break away from. He keeps trying but after some time with continuous defeat accepts it and stops trying. Now he is a fully grown elephant and still tied with the same thin rope. The irony is now he doesn’t even try because he has accepted his fate and become a prisoner of his own thoughts. For if he wanted he could so very easily break the rope and run to freedom but the fear of his young age, the conditioned mind of his young age overrules his life’s decisions today. As we grow older there are situations in front of us we know we can change or we can surpass but due to the conditioning during our young age or even the present circumstances we don’t even try, thus repeatedly falling into patterns of heartbreak and bondages of our mind and heart.

It is fear that is a big cause of our internal unrest, of feeling insufficient. It is fear that is the cause of us feeling less than another, of having low self-esteem, fear of wanting something yet not being able to ask for it, for voicing our opinion. Fear of losing face in front of family and friends. When you are afraid you are nobody, because fear takes you to a place of darkness where you can’t see anything. . Thoughts are like poison, once a negative thought is placed in your consciousness in the form of fear it keeps spreading to every part of your life, encompasses every other thought arising. Be careful of your thoughts, be in awareness of every moment and the minute a negative thought or fear tries to rule your mind, heart, Overrule it by playing a love song, a bhajan, a devotional mantra or doing something you like and see how soon the fear and negativity leaves your consciousness to be consumed by the universal energy.

Only when you face your fear, accept your fear, look for the root cause of your fear and further take action in the previous fearful state by being fearless do you actually achieve the state of courage and strength. When you continuously face your fear and have faith in the Inner Divine you will reach the state of fearlessness, you will reach the destination of the unknown and rejoice in the joy of being unlimited and boundless. It is fear that breeds evil and the cause of all this fear is actually ignorance. We do not know ourselves our true nature and so we become overwhelmed by fear thus ignoring our core nature of love and completeness. Know yourself completely and overcome this fear to be a winner, stand tall and enjoy life.


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