Safar- A Journey to the Self. Coming Soon- part 5


Dear friends, May the blank canvas of your life be painted with beautiful and vibrant colors by the brush in Divine Hands shaping your lives with unlimited Grace and Love.

Today I am sharing Love and how profoundly it changes our outlook of life. Love not in the typical way of an exchange system where if you give love it goes with a condition that you should get it back double or triple fold. The love I am sharing is Divine Unconditional Love that makes our life complete with sparkling colors. As I shared about Dadashreeji in my earlier blog, I now share how His presence in life made me experience love in its totality. I am sure there is so much more that I have yet to experience but imagine what little I have experienced is so vast that it leaves me baffled and perplexed and makes me say, Oh my Dada is it possible to experience the totality and purity of this emotion we call love. Is it truly within the realms of possibility that we can feel like this. The clarity today is, yes it is achievable and within reach, in fact it is a daily occurrence, thought, and routine to experience Love in totality and to be able to share it with all and none. Dadashreeji says “Receive and Give, is the natural state of a human being”. Today this is the state of His devotees all over the world, for we receive in abundance from Him and all we can do is share and give to the world as He fills us to the brim and when the cup is full to the brim it can only overflow.

The effect of Dadashreeji is felt in every thought, need and action of my life. I will share the result of these effects through my daily life routine so you all can also see and live those transformations and changes with me. All the scenes I share with you next came about with Divine Love making me realise I was love and I had enough love within me to become love, I do not need any outside source to complete me. It was the Unconditional Divine Love I received from Dadashreeji that created the way for me to fall in love with the one within and experience myself as a complete person.

A) In the morning when I sit with my Divine and gaze into His eyes with devotion and love in my heart he gazes back at me with love and acceptance making me understand love needs no reason it just is.

B) When I offer Him water and food He has it with the same love and smile on His face that it fills my being. When I give a smile or share soft words with a stranger He is standing beside me, smiling and sending the same love and care to that person along with me.

C) When I scold or shout at someone even then He is there standing with me waiting for my outburst to be over, all the while looking at me with unconditional love and then telling me OK done, now relax, introspect, see if it was truly needed and did you deliver it the right way with the right mind-set.

D) When I am in the mood for silence and solitude then He becomes equally quiet and sits with me at times in silence, at times listening to music and basking in the unspoken words of love, for Love doesn’t need any definition or form with Him, it is just felt, a feeling that encompasses my being every moment.

E) When I am with family and friends as part of daily routine of bonding and actions then He is just there for in such moments He is observing my changes and transformation with every action and enjoying His effect in my life. He loves to see how with inner transformation all my relationships have mended and are filled with love.

F) When I am at work and busy with clients, He is sitting on His Aasan in the shop and watching me, proud of me actually in action as a parent is when they see you working hard.

G) When I am writing then He is super happy for He knows the barriers I had to break to get here and His love knows no bounds then. In fact the more courageous and true to myself I became, my bond with Him became stronger, and the connection got deeper and deeper with our communication. The shower of Grace and Love in my life is limitless and I sail through the bumps and hurdles of life with ease because when you have the Divine with you then He takes over and makes sure you know when to take the right action required.

Friends I invite you to share your thoughts on what is love for you and how you would like to experience it in your life in the coming years. You will read much more about my transformation with Dadashreeji in my upcoming book “Safar, A Journey to the Self” and get clarity on how you all can also walk the same path.

If there is a desire in you to seriously walk towards change there is a chance coming your way to experience it through the Web Series “I AM LOVE” of my Divine Friend Dadashreeji on YouTube channel “MaitriBodh Parivaar” on 26th March at 4.00 pm. Experience first-hand what you just read in my blog and further awaken the desire within to experience the purity of Divine love in your life on a daily basis.



One thought on “Safar- A Journey to the Self. Coming Soon- part 5”

  1. This so beautifully explains what really is divine love and how we all can experience it in our daily lives effortlessly. It’s real and always there with us. Not something that is distant and an unachievable feat. Thanks Sonee for opening your life to us and sharing Dada through your eyes.

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